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Zoflora Uses


Zoflora History

The following section of information has been taken from the Thornton and Rose Website.

Zoflora is a brand by Thornton Rose – Zoflora was originally developed for use in public places to eliminate odours, from smoke etc, and to kill germs in factories, cinemas, dance and concert halls.

Mr Nathan Thornton had a large brass pressure sprayer which he took to these premises and sprayed Zoflora all around to demonstrate its beneficial effects. People were so impressed with these wonderful aromas that they wanted to buy Zoflora to use in their own homes

The success of Zoflora over the years has been due to the quality of the product and its unique triple action formula including the long lasting, high quality, authentic fragrances, which in Zoflora are at much higher concentrations than is usual for household products, combined with its tough, germ killing and odour eliminating properties.

Now, Zoflora is the UK's number 1 disinfectant and has a really loyal customer following with over 2 million households buying the brand.

The 1960s and 70s saw the rise of the supermarkets and Thornton & Ross eventually expanding distribution for Zoflora outside the chemist trade.

Love Zoflora

The following section of this blog is my own opinion and general uses.

Zoflora really have captured the market with their ever growing collection of fragrances. Bringing out new limited edition scents every season, it has us all rushing out to bulk by our new favorites before they are discontinued. So why so we love them so much? Below are some of my favourite uses. 

 A question I am regularly asked is “what is Zoflora and how do you use it and why is everyone becoming so obsessed with it?”

Zoflora is a highly fragranced and highly concentrated disinfectant. For most uses it needs diluting into water and can be used in many ways around the home.
Below I have listed some of my favourite ways to use Zoflora in my home.


My no 1 use

Every evening before I go to bed I pop some warm water into my sink and add half a capful of the days chosen Zoflora fragrance to the water. I also add a small drop to my waste disposal sink and swish around with a little warm water.

I give the sinks and taps a wipe over then I pop my cloths into the water and leave then to disinfect overnight. You may ask why I do this. Well I do this for 2 main reasons.

1) Sinks are used for food preparation and washing up, cloths are also used to wipe over many surfaces and both come into contact with lots of bacteria. By cleaning the sinks and cloths with Zoflora it will remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

2) The fragrance is amazing, by leaving it soaking in the sink overnight I am going to bed with a kitchen smelling amazing and waking up to the same pleasant aroma.


Washing Bedding & Towels

I love the Linen Fresh fragrance for my towel and bedding washes. I add a small capful in with my fabric softener in my washing machine. Finish off by hanging the washing out to dry where possible for an amazing fresh fragranced bedding which lasts for weeks. (if you have sensitive skin avoid doing this)


Floor Cleaning

Add a small drop to your mop bucket with some hot water. Wash over as your normally would when cleaning floors. If the floor has ground in dirt or grease you may need clean the floor first with a suitable floor cleaner. The Zoflora aroma lingers in your home for hours after cleaning. Check Zoflora is suitable for the flooring you are cleaning as it is not suitable for polished wood floors and some other surfaces.


Surfaces & Doors

To clean work surfaces and doors I dilute Zoflora into a spray bottle. The percentage of Zoflora and water will depend on the strength of the Zoflora bottle you have. They come in different size bottles and strengths.

Using my spray bottle I spray the surfaces and doors and simply wipe over. These leaves the surfaces disinfected and smelling amazing.



Bins especially my kitchen bins can often smell, even when using a bin liner food especially liquids can run out of the bag into the bin. I have a 3 section bin, 1 part is for recycling bottles, tins etc, another for paper and one for non-recyclable waste. I also have a waste disposal unit so most of my food waste goes in down there.

I like to add some water and a capful of Zoflora into my empty bins, clean over the insides thoroughly before emptying and rinses out any residues.

Using a spray bottle of diluted zoflora (see previous tip) I spray the outside of my bins and wipe over with a cloth. Another great way I like to keep my bins smelling fresh is to add a little neat Zoflora to some kitchen roll and pop this into the bottom of the bins before I put the bag in.