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Master Bedroom


Love buying new accessories

April 2018

Who doesn’t love shopping for new home items? I treated myself to some silver sparkly new Kylie Candence bedding. It’s so pretty and I am so happy with it. Yes I know Kylie bedding isn’t the cheapest but I work hard so deserve to treat myself. The sunlight catches the sequins and creates a lovely pattern on the walls and ceiling.

Hubby has complained about some of my previous bedding which has had a few diamantes or sequins on, so I’ve sent back the duvet cover and purchased a cheap plain white one from Argos. This has worked out really well, we can sleep in comfort without any irritating sequins and I just dress the bed when we get up. 
He often asks why do I bother with the task of cushions on and cushions off twice a day lol, they just don’t understand we need an Instagram ready bedroom as well as the satisfaction of a luxurious looking bedroom.

Kylie Candence Throw Click here to shop

Kylie Candence Cushion Click here to shop

More online shopping

22nd March 2018

If you have been following me on Instagram you will already know that I LOVE shopping at Next. I love the quality of their home and fashion wear, along with the convenience of being able to order for next day delivery.

I have had my eye on this sparkle gem stone large frame for quite some time, so I decided to treat myself and it is the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning. It comes with a gorgeous gold frame, it has a mix of silver and gold tones with some diamante detailing. It cost £85 which I think for art of this size and quality is a good price.

Bedroom Chair

December 2017

I have always wanted a chair in my bedroom, just like you get on holiday. I don’t even know what I want the chair for, I just want one. Hubby always uses chairs in hotel rooms or cruise ship cabins to put his dirty clothes on so I have a challenge now to make sure this does not happen.

So far the chair has mainly been used to stack up my bed cushions each night. As I usually go to bed before him, this means there is no room for his clothes. Do you have a chair? And if you do, what do you use your chair for?

Bespoke Bed

October 2017

So today we moved into our new bedroom. After seeing my sons floating bed I decided I wanted the same. We had the guys at Bespoke Design Interiors manufacture the bespoke bed and headboard in an oak veneer and had it finished in a dark stain. We will be adding some soft white LED strips to the underside at a later date. The electrician still needs to come and wire in the light switches and sockets to our headboards. We are currently living in the room with no lights and an extension lead.

I can’t wait to get some new luxurious bedding to finish it off. The carpet tiles have be borrowed just so I have something a little softer to walk on. We will be doing our walk in wardrobe at a later date and we want the new carpet to run right through.

Painting at Last

29th July 2017

Today I have finally been able to put a proper coat of paint on the bedroom walls. It has taken me a bit of time to choose a colour. I was going to have a pale grey but I’m not sure about grey next to dark stained wood. The bed and headboard will be dark and they will dominate the back wall. We will also have 4 doors in the room which will all be dark.

After some online research I decided duck egg would look nice so I’m taking the plunge and giving it a try. So far I’m really not sure, I will give it some time and see how I feel about it. I’ve never been brave with paint colours, I see so many gorgeous homes with bold prints and painted feature walls but I have never taken the plunge myself.

So this happened!

30th June 2017

I came home from work today to find the old window and old external wall to our current master bedroom had been removed. My bedroom now look so spacious although I now feel like I’m going to be sleeping in the building site.

Starting to look like rooms now

April 2017

The guys have been busy, the stud walling is complete and the walls have been plaster boarded. This means the first fix electrics and plumbing can now be done. I can now really appreciate the room sizes and layouts, I do try hard to visualise but I think this is the part where you can really see. Can’t wait for our new bedroom to be finished.