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Kitchen Renovation


Kitchen Door Change

October 2018

Now the kitchen is almost finished we have decided we don’t like the grey. After seeing a TV cabinet at work which had been sprayed in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue we fell in love with the colour so decided to respray the doors and drawers.

Wow we absolutely love it!! We were a little concerned that the blue may make the room look a bit too dark. With the contrast of the white ceilings and LED lighting we are over the moon. It complements the white solid surface top and the Gulfstone Essel beige quartz tiles so well.

I couldn’t be any happier with our kitchen. We have a few snagging bits to finish then we will finally have a completely finished room.

Getting There Slowly

July 2018

Kitchen progress has been slow due to the amount of time hubby has had to spend at work. If I carefully photograph the kitchen you would know how much still needs doing.

Our original plan was to build a side conservatory which would have 2 rooms, the hot tub room and a utility room. Over the past few months we have been looking at priorities, and to save time and money I suggested we revamp the old kitchen base and wall cabinets to match the new kitchen doors and have this as a utility section. The new doors have been made and first fixed. They need to go back to work to have the J handle detail added and to be sprayed. Watch this space for an update soon (fingers crossed)

Kitchen Update

10th December 2017

Hubby always comes through in the end, after the past couple of weeks of stressing, I now have a fully functional kitchen. Ok it doesn’t look pretty but it’s useable and I have everything I need to cook Christmas dinner.

Island Worktop

9th December 2017

How many men does it take to carry a Hanex solid surface island top worktop? 8 apparently!! So excited to see them turning up with my worktop, am looking forward to having so much worktop space after having a tiny kitchen for nearly 2 years.

I originally had my heart set on a Silestone worktop which is gorgeous but the company couldn’t deliver and install before Christmas. I looked through the other solid surface options at work and the Hanex Helsinki is a good second choice. It was considerably cheaper and it meant the guys at work could fabricate it. The joins are seamless.

I’m off to clean and test it out, will update you later.

Bespoke Kitchen Delivery

28th November 2017

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a cabinet maker for a husband. Good side is we get a bespoke kitchen at material cost only saving about two thirds of the cost of a kitchen. Downside is it takes forever to get finished. I’m hoping we are functional quickly as I have 10 people for Christmas dinner. I am really getting bored of takeaways and microwave meals.

The progress to date if we have the main wall of floor to ceiling cabinets fitted, the MDF doors have been first fixed and need to go back to work to be sprayed, I’ve ordered a mid-grey colour which I chose from the RAL chart at work. There were hundreds of colours to choose from, so it took me ages to decide.

More Mess!

23rd November 2017

Today I stayed at home and helped with gunning the floor out for the waste and water, for the sink in the island unit. My job was to keep hosing down as the dust he created while he did it, that way he could safely remove the concrete without chopping his fingers off. I was supplied with some PPE i.e. googles and ear defenders. At least now the plumber can come back in and route the water, waste and gas.

Not a Happpy Bunny!

22nd November 2017

This is my main gripe with using friends to help with work on the house. They wouldn’t leave this sort of mess in a customer’s home!! How hard is it to remove items or cover them up before doing the dusty work? I wasn’t very happy again this evening. The kitchen works have been the worse. I have stayed so calm and understanding until it impacted my kitchen.

Removing the Wall & Chimney

November 2017

I came home from work today to this!!  Why didn’t my husband warn me it would be today the wall would be coming down between the kitchen and dining room? I was aware it would be happening in the not too distant future as I had to order the steels but a little bit of warning would have meant I could have finished removing bits from the kitchen and packed bits away.

I asked him months ago repeatedly to give me a few weeks warning so I could cook some meals and pop them in the freezer. Now I have nothing prepared and I’m not sure what I’m going to do without a kitchen.

There is soot and dust EVERYWHERE, and when I say everywhere I mean in all rooms, even the bedding needs changing!! I am so annoyed and am so hard not to show it. Easier said than done.

Kitchen Before

5th February 2016

This if our new kitchen, well it’s a room that the previous owner used as a kitchen is not suitable for cooking in. Luckily we managed to have a visit to the new house a few weeks ago and could measure up for the temporary kitchen units. Hubby has made these at work and worktops have been purchased so the plan is to install these over the weekend. I will update you when i get chance.