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Iā€™m Karen aka @cherryoakmanor 46 years young, a business owner who has been renovating and extending my home for the past 3 years and actively growing my Instagram account over the past 12 months.

People often DM me asking how have I grown my account?....

The main answer to this is by making mistakes and learning as I go.
Now there are lots of accounts on Instagram with a much larger
following that I have and I am certainly no expert, but I am all for supporting other people and passing on the knowlege i have gained.

So thank you to everyone who has asked me the questions and I hope I can help you grow your accounts, up your engagment and help you form instagram relationships.

At the end of the day we all have to start somewhere and believe me I understand how you may be feeling about your account right now..


Passing on my knowlegde

As I have previously mentioned I am no instagram guru, I am just going to tell you what worked / works for me and how I grew my account to over 20ā€™000
followers in the first year.

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Can you relate to these questions?

Below are some of the things people message me about regularly and trust me i used to think the same ALL of the time.

1) I have recently started my Instagram account I enjoy taking and sharing photos but no one is finding them. How can i get my posts seen?

2) I have a few loyal followers but would like some more how I can get more followers, how can i get more followers?

3) I have some followers but hardly any of them like your posts or comment, how do i get people to engage with me?

4) Accounts keep on following and unfollowing me why does this happen?


Course 1 - Introduction Session
Lets start with the basics

In this one hour video course i will go over my basics of how to get your posts seen.

Photos - How to get the best from your photos.

Hashtags - Why use hashtags and what types to include.

Captions - Why to use captions and what sort of content to add.


Course 2 - Posts & Algorithms

In this one hour video course i will go over my basics of how to get your posts seen.

What to post - Planning your posts, making your grid look pleasing on the eye.

Algorithm - What is the algorithm (No i dont know all the answers to this i am just sharing the knowledge i have)

Engagement - Why engagment is important and how to engage with others in you niche.


Course review:

Karen is a fab mentor and gives so much of her time to help others. Karen has helped me grow my page and and look at what works and what doesn’t. My engagement has increased helping my posts to be seen more. I would recommend anyone to join this course to gain lots of valuable advice and to be able to understand how Instagram works."