Cherry Oak Manor

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From a house to a home



September 2017

We took a long time to decide how we were finishing the outside of the house. We have finally decided to stick with our original plan of having render.

I contacted lots of different rendering companies before choosing one to go with. I didn’t realise how many different types of render, colours and textures there are to choose from.

We chose a brilliant white K Rend, the team at DS Plastering have done a fantastic job. Nice group of guys who had to battle with the weather. The render is applied in a few layers and has to be scraped off to give a smoother finish.

We have only had the front and sides done as we have not yet had the windows and doors manufactured for the rear of the original house. We will have to get them back to do the rear when these have been made and installed.

Now the rendering is complete I have finally been able to say good bye to the scaffolding, well until the rear is done. Its lovely coming home and not having to battle through the scaffolding with shopping.

I am so pleased with the finished result and the white render goes so well with the oak windows and our dark grey door.

Roof Trusses

December 2016

Having a joinery department at work we initially planned to buy the timber and make the roof ourselves. We have been really busy at work so it will delay things if we make them. We contacted a local company who use a Hip system which means they prefabricate the trusses and deliver them to site. We expected this to cost us a lot more as we knew we would be able to buy the timber ourselves at trade price. We were amazed at how good their pricing was, it worked out a similar price to us just buying the timber. Their quotation also included a survey and installation. It was a win win situation.

Roof delivery day has arrived and I have been so excited, if someone has said to me one day you will get excited over a roof I would never have believed them.The extension is really starting to look like a house now. Ok so it won’t be felt and battened today or tiled but it’s a step in the right direction. We are hoping to be able to knock through and be watertight by Christmas.

First Floor Level

30th November 2016

Work seems to have progressed this week, the brick layers are now at first floor level. I seem to be constantly ordering my blocks and insulation. Every time I go shopping it’s another £1’000. This house is already starting to be a money pit. Even though we are working full time we try and have a run through with the guys before we go to work each day, checking what needs ordering in advance. The last thing we want is for them to stop working because we haven’t had enough materials delivered.

I have been running accounts to track every penny that we have spent on the build so far. We feel it is important to track what we are spending. We all watch the DIY and build programmes on the TV and they always run over time and over budget. We had some money left over from the sale of our home and in savings, but nowhere near enough to complete the build and renovations. So our plan is to take our time doing one bit at a time when money permitted. Although I know what my husband is like, he will go rushing into removing walls and leave us living in utter chaos.


Walls Going Up

29th October 2016

It’s so nice to come home from work and see the walls are starting to go up. Even though I had the plans and could see and sort of visualise the size and shape of the extension, its only know that I can actually get a sense of how large the living / dining room will actually be.

Concrete Pour

23rd September 2016

The day has come to pour the concrete, I’ve been shopping for bacon, rolls and drinks, soft and alcoholic beverages. Hubby has arranged for some of our friends / guys from work to come and help.

The concrete lorry arrived and set to work pouring the concrete. Hubby decided not to pay additional money for a pump so it’s all hands on deck with rakes and wellies. I’m supervising and taking photos and videos lol.

For a September day it’s really hot, we are having a bit of an Indian summer. They have all worked so hard and if I could get excited about a concrete slab I would.

First Course

18th September 2016

The brick layer gave up his Saturday to pop round and lay the first courses for us, this will enable us to have the concrete poured for the foundation slab.

We have been studying and restudying the building specification and building regs to check we know exactly what we are doing. As this is the first time we have done any structural works and not just renovations.

I’m still feeling excited about the works, not sure if my opinion will change further down the line.

Obstacle Course

15th September 2016

This is going to be interesting, we now have a big trench running to the front door. I have had the obstacle course challenge of trying to walk across planks of wood without falling down the holes. Taking shopping into the house is a logistical nightmare.

The weather is gorgeous and we have had no rain so I am still having to water the plants. My hose isn’t long enough to stretch around. I used to go straight down the grass, it’s the simple things that are starting to annoy me a little. I will just keep reminding myself it will be worth it in the end, and telling myself to stop moaning woman!

Ground Works Begin

12th September 2016

The big day has arrived, the digger has moved in along with a dumper truck, tractor and trailer. Operation breaking ground has begun.

We were up early, I popped to the shops to make sure I had plenty of refreshments for the workers. I am really excited and anxious at the same time. Until they have started digging we don’t know what we will find.

It’s so noisy with the machinery and I can’t hear myself think. I’m going to keep myself busy taking photos and video footage, making drinks and rolls for everyone.

Hubby is secretly really looking forward to this, it is something he has always wanted to do.

Our New Home

5th February 2016

Nearly time to move:-
I am feeling a mixture of emotions, its sad to say good bye to our home, we have lived here for 11 years, we have so many happy memories and I just love my kitchen.

I am also feeling excited and nervous about our new home. The short term concerns me as we don’t really know what we are letting ourselves in for.

The house has been vacant for some time and there is visible damp and the smell is really strong. The kitchen, well it’s a room that the previous owner used as a kitchen is not suitable for cooking in. Luckily we managed to have a visit to the new house a few weeks ago and could measure up for the temporary kitchen units. Hubby has made these at work and worktops have been purchased so the plan is to install these over the weekend.

We are unsure if the boiler works, it looks fairly new but we won’t know until the plumber has filled the water system back up as the tank was drained and the water was switched off.

I have decided to have a week off work just to clean everywhere and to be there for tradesmen.

Internal house photos and blog can be found on our home blog page.