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Ensuite Bathroom & Walk in Shower


New Towels

November 2018

Today I received a lovely delivery from Christy Home, a new luxury towel bale set and a couple of bath mats. Read review post here…


Total Relaxation

October 2018

When taking photos of my bathroom I have always felt there is a little something missing? So I ordered a bath board from Bathboards who I discovered on Instagram. I am so happy with how my bathroom looks even more relaxing.

The boards have cut outs for candles and an iPad or tablet so are not only great for styling but also functional to.

Everytime i use our ensuite, I feel like I am in a hotel or spa when I take a bath.

Ensuite almost finished

June 2017

My ensuite is currently my favourite room, mainly because it’s the only room that is nearly finished. I love a bath and it is the highlight of my day. We have a sonos system in the bedroom which also connects to the bathroom speaker. I enjoy popping on some tunes and relaxing and soaking away the stresses of the day.

Walk in shower

May 2017

My hubby prefers a shower than a bath so this is his mainly his area. Ok I do use it sometimes and I have to say the stylish square shower head is really powerful. Hubby being 6ft 6 means he needed a good size shower so he designed the area so he had lots of room to move. It reminds me of a classy spa shower area.  Shower head and valves are the Milan range from Victorian plumbing. Who says you can have something expensive looking at a reasonable price. Tiles are textured floor tiles from Topps tiles.

Recess Lighting

May 2017

I wanted a little splash of colour in the ensuite so opted to have some little recesses added. We painted the back of the wall white then added a line green painted glass splash back.

We added LED spotlights (bathroom rated ones) with white bulbs which shine green against the splashback. Orchids are from Next. I love laying in the bath looking at these, they are so tranquil and relaxing.


June 2017

Ensuite tiling. We opted for 600 x 600mm floor tiles which will also go on the walk in shower and basin walls. They are a dark grey slight textured porcelain tile. Hubby wanted something large as he felt they would be quicker to fit as there would be less to install. What he didn’t realise was how hard these are to cut and they have been very time consuming.

Doing a few of an evening and weekend has meant it’s taken a month to finish it all. They do look incredible though and have a sort of marble effect.

Underfloor Heating

23rd November 2017

We decided early on we wanted underfloor heating in the ensuite. We had a lot of tiles in our old house and although they look amazing they were very cold.

I did a bit of research online and decided to order the Warmup underfloor heating system. This came with the matting and the Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat, which is great as I can set the heating to come on and off when I want and I can also control it from my phone. If you have the budget I would highly recommend having the heating in your bathroom.

It was easy to install the matting, hubby did that but we did need an electrician in install the thermostat.

Tap Location - How hard can the location decision actually be?

26th April 2017

We purchased our free standing floor mounted bath tap from Victorian Plumbing. We wanted a waterfall effect one and this ticked all the boxes.

The plumber is now starting on the ensuite and has popped round to mark out where we want everything positioned. OMG how hard is it to actually decide where I want the taps. I ended up sitting in the bath stretching out trying to figure out what worked best. I needed to be able to reach it but didn’t want it so close that it would end up in my way when getting in and out of the bath. It is actually quite an important thing to consider when you are designing your bathroom layout.

I’m happy with the position at the moment I just hope I have made the right decision when it finally becomes time to use the bath.

Walk in shower / wet room

11th April 2017

The battening has been installed ready for the walk in shower / wet room section of our ensuite. Hubby has spent quite a bit of time deciding how he wants his shower. He is 6ft 6 and has always struggled in cubicle style showers, so this is an important area for him.

He has finally decided how he wants it laid out, the exact position of the rain head shower, paying particular attentions to the beams above so they are not in the way, it’s surprising how much though goes into every single part of an extension.

The wet room shower kit we picked up really cheap when our local B&Q where closing down. The box was open and they did say parts maybe missing. I’m sure when he goes to install it we will find out.


10th April 2017

We were originally having rendered and plastered walls everywhere but due to the fact we are tiling a lot of the walls hubby has decided to dot and dab the walls instead. This will be cheaper as he can do that himself. We will ask a plasterer friend to give it a quick skim when he has an evening to spare.

Today hubby has managed to get quite a bit done and also hung the towel rails. These need to be in position ready for the plumber so he knows exactly where we want them.

We also spent quite a bit of deliberating where the bath would be positioned and mutually agreed to have it at an angle. This will mean I can have a low level bespoke cabinet to store all of my products. The downside to free standing baths is storage. He has also measured up for the cabinet so it can manufactured at work in plenty of time.

Upstairs Layout

December 2016

Today I was forced to climb the scary big ladder and go and balance on the beams upstairs. I don’t like ladders, I’m a real girl when it comes to climbing up and even worse trying to get back on it to come back down again. Hubby insisted I come up as we need to work out the final room configuration in the upstairs extension.

So I was brave, well I had help getting up and down and felt sick balances on the beams, thinking I was going to fall but I did it. When I say beams there was a little bit of boarding up there so hubby moved it around for me so I felt a little safer.  I’m glad I did as I could get a better feel of the layout. 

We laid out some timber so I could have a clear vision of the different room sizes. We only changed it slightly from the plans, the main change was making the bathroom slightly bigger by pinching a bit of room from the front guest bedroom and a tiny bit from our master bedroom. The rooms are still a really nice size so I hope this works now.
I took lots of photos so I don’t have to go back up the ladder again in a hurry. In this photo we are stood in the ensuite looking into out bedroom.