Cherry Oak Manor

Welcome to my blog – Sharing my journey of making our house into our dream home.

Living & Dining Room


New Chairs

I have just received some new dining chairs from Lifestyle Furniture and they have tansformed my dining area. You can read the review on the chairs here


Media Wall

Every now and then my hubby has a vision!! He has decided he wants the media wall to be angled. So he has designed and had it cut out and has started installing the raw mdf panels to the wall. I am not sure yet how I feel about it. I think it reminds me of a Punch and Judy box and feel like I need to climb in with some puppets on put on a performance.


Painting at last.

Over the past year I have been waiting for the day I could start choosing paint colours and start painting. Now the day is finally here I am so fed up of making decisions that I can’t decide on what colour to do the walls, so guess what I’ve chosen? Yes I have gone for white!! I just feel white is a safe option then I can repaint at a later date when I know what colour scheme I want.



Today the plasterers have finished the plastering. This is the part of the build I think really transforms a building into a home and make it feel more like a proper room.
They applied hard wall first which smells like rotten eggs. That’s all I could smell for days. Then the applied the plaster. I can’t wait for it to dry as I am actually quite excited to start painting.


Plaster boarding & Insulation

Today the plasterboard has been fitted to the ceilings. We have added some acoustic insulation as hubby likes to have his surround sound up quite oud and it used to really annoy me when I was upstairs. Fingers crossed this helps.

Windows & Doors

The windows & doors are finally been installed. The frames were delivered a little while ago. We decided to have lead added so we have had to wait a little while for the glass to be delivered and installed.

It is so nice to now we weather tight and the knocking through can commence. I am excited and nervous about this at the same time.


Taking Shape

I can really feel the shape and size of the room now. The joists are in for the first floor. The first fix electrics and plumbing are done and hopefully the windows will be installed soon. Once that is done we will be 100% weather tight and able to knock through.


Walls Going Up

29th October 2016

It’s so nice to come home from work and see the walls are starting to go up. Even though I had the plans and could see and sort of visualise the size and shape of the extension, its only know that I can actually get a sense of how large the living / dining room will actually be. See more of our build pictures here