Cherry Oak Manor

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Home Office


Cabinet install

9th August 2019

Today the cabinets have been installed, due to work commitments and other trades sometimes we end up doing things in the wrong order. The ceiling in the garage is concrete so the plan is to have a dropped ceiling. This is now having to be done after the cabinets (I am used to things like this happening)

The cupboard doors have been sprayed in Farrow and Ball Cornforth White which is actually a light greyish colour. The back of the shelving units has been done in a deep red / burgundy colour. This is very brave for me as I do not usually have bold colours, but I love it.

I still need to choose some handles and the large cupboard doors have not yet been swung but hopefully they will be done next week.

I am itching to clean the dust of the units, but over my 30 years of being with my husband’s way of working and living in renovation homes I have learnt there is no point. As soon as I clean them he will come in and make more mess.



Having a cabinet maker husband is the best thing when it comes to designing storage. It means we do not have to buy off the shelf and can design exactly what we want to fit in the space.

The home office will be used on occasions for business use as well as personal so plenty of storage as well as a large desk area is important to us.

I also wanted something that would look nice and not be too cluttered.
We have designed the room so one side if floor to ceiling cupboards with room for box files and lever arch folders.

The other side of the room will be a mix of full height cupboards, shelving and low level cupboards. The desk will run out across the middle of the room and will be wide enough so we can both have a side each for our pcs.

As a keen traveller I want to include some travel themed items in the room. I would have loved a big map wall like in my sons room, but storage is more important.


Office / Garage

Our home office is one of the last rooms on the list to be done. It was originally the garage.

The garage door was removed then it was bricked up leaving a window opening.
It was used as a storage area throughout the build and main renovations, for all the tools and things.

Now the worst of the work is out of the way we are moving on to doing the work.

The first job after emptying and finding new homes for everything was to lay a new subbase floor. The garage floor was at a lower level than the house.

My brother who has never done this before agreed to give it a go. It is a bit uneven but I think he did an ok job. We will be getting it screeded after anyway.

The electrician has been in and run the new sockets and moved the light switch. One thing I have learnt through our renovation / build process is how important it is to think a few steps ahead, and where sockets and things will be is a very important in the planning stages. The last thing any of us want it to start drilling through freshly plastered or