Cherry Oak Manor

Walk in wardrobe renovation

Walk in Wardrobe


Dark Stained Oak Walk IN Wardrobe in production

Orchid Love

1st May 2019

Today i received a lovely orchid from No 18 Interiors The quality is amazing and i am thrilled to bits. I think this finishes the island unit off perfectly.


Island Drawer Unit

23rd March 2019

I am so excited that the island unit has arrived and i can now pack away the rest of my clothes (sorry our clothes) This was made by Bespoke Design Interiors in dark stained oak with a gold inlay to the top and rose gold handles to match the dressing table.

Now to decide what accessories to have on the top.

Dressing Table

3rd March 2019

After waiting a while my bespoke dressing table has finaly arrived. This was made by Bespoke Design Interiors It is dark stained oak with a gold inlay to the top and rose gold handles which i purchased from Amazon.

Now just the island drawer unit to be made and the room will finally be finished.



14th Febraury 2019

For sometime i have been wanting a hollywood mirror. The light in the walk in wardrobe is fab but is no use for applying make up. I asked my husband for one for my birthday and after him trwaling through hopelessly on website i took over and used his card to pay for it lol.

We purchased it from Illuminated Mirrors now all i need is my new dressing table to be made.


25th December 2018

I have had my eye on some Beautify storage trunks for a few months and am so excited that my husband has treated me to a few sets for Christmas.

Being Christmas day i should be relaxing and watching TV but i just want to organise more of my stuff and put them in the trunks.


14th December 2018

Im so excited that the carpets have finally been laid. They have totally transformed the rooms.


New Hangers

4th December 2018

I remember seeing a blog post a while ago by the lovely Mrs Rackley Home. For anyone who hasn’t come across this lady she is a fantastic home a home and lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer.

She was recommending some space saving hangers which have stuck in my mind for some time. I am a huge fan of shopping on Amazon Prime, when I order something online I like to know they will arrive quickly.

I found the exact hangers I was looking for they are called non-slip flocked velvet space saving coat hangers. They come in different quantities so I ordered 2 packs of 100.  They are available in many different colours and I chose the black. The best bit is they were only £28.49 for 100 that’s amazing value.

Click here to shop

I will update you on how I find them when the clothes are hung up.

Wardrobes Assembled

1st December 2018

Wardrobes are assembled and in place. They look amazing I am so happy J we have added LED lighting strips underneath each shelf to add some subtle lighting inside each wardrobe.

We still need to do he plinths, pelmets, shelving and rails before the carpets are laid in 2 weeks’ time.

Thank you to the Bespoke Design Interiors team once again for manufacturing more quality fitted furniture for us.


Wardrobe Sub Base

30th November 2018

This evening hubby (with a little help from me) installed the wardrobe sub bases. Our floor is fairly uneven so we set up the laser level. I held the tape measure at different points while hubby adjusted the feet to make sure the base was level.

The wardrobe components are stood up in the hall and on the landing and tomorrow we will start installing them. I am so excited as my clothes have been in black sacks for a couple of months now.


New Dressing Table Chair

24th October 2018

Today I received a delivery from Lifestyle Furniture. They contacted me to see if I would like to work with them and review a product. I was delighted and chose a gorgeous chair and a dressing table mirror.

The chair is in a quality light grey fabric with studded edging and dark stained wooden legs. The front legs are even on castors. The back has an elegant curved back which in my opinion gives it a classy elegant feel.

The lovely people at Lifestyle Furniture have also provided me with a discount code to share with you; Discount Code: "cherryoakmanor" receive: £20 off first order with FREE UK SHIPPING (Mainland Only) Click here to visit their site


Install of Larger Window

23rd October 2018

So today is finally the day the bricks have been removed to make a much larger opening for our new oak windows. I’ve really been looking forward to this day as it is the last of the major brick dust creation.

I frantically cleared the room last night in preparation and have left plenty of plastic to cover the opening to our bedroom. I was a little concerned about how much dust there would be when I got home, but I have to say I’m pleasantly supposed, the guys have done a fantastic job.

The guys were a little concerned about the roof so we popped out and grabbed some acro and scaffold boards.

Next step will be tidying up around the window, plastering the reveals and installing the windowsill.

We still have quite a bit of preparation work to do before the cabinetry can be installed. I am hoping we can strip the dreaded woodchip off the ceiling this weekend. I will keep you posted.