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Sons Bedroom


Bespoke Built in Storage

15th July 2017

Hubby installed our sons built in wardrobe and storage today. We designed it so the space was well utilised. The wardrobe has hanging rails and 6 deep drawers for his t shirts etc.

The other side of the room he has built in storage which is mainly shelving for books. He is lucky to have a second room which he uses as his gaming room, so he doesn’t need much in his bedroom.

The wardrobes were designed by me and manufactured by our staff at Bespoke Design Interiors. Click here to see more work by Bespoke Design Interiors

Map Wall

14th July 2017

The map wall has been a nightmare, I purchased one from Wilko last Christmas ready for the move. My hubby is good at hanging wall paper and has a great eye for detail. The wall mural must have been printed wrong as the countries just wouldn’t line up. 2 hours later and that one went in the bin.

I looked on Amazon and found this one, it was slightly more money but only £50. It came as a roll of wall paper with very clear markings. So easy to hang and it looks amazing. I am thinking of having something similar in my home office “when” it’s done. People often message me to ask where I got it from click here for the amazon link

Floating Bed

7th July 2017

Being 17 we wanted something a bit more grown up for our son’s new bedroom. We decided to have a bespoke bed made. I came up with a brief for hubby to work out how it would all go together. He then designed the bed and the guys at Bespoke Design Interiors made it for us.

The bed was designed so we could hide LED strip lights underneath to create some ambience in the room. The LEDs are plugged into a Hive socket which is then connected to my sons Amazon Alexa so he just has to ask her to switch the lights on and off. How 2016 would it be to have to switch them on and off by hand.

Hubby also designed the headboard, it is also a radiator cover and window sill all in one. I will try and remember to post a photo of it close up at a later date. It works so well.

Click here to order a bespoke bed

Hardwall & Plaster

June 2017

Our son’s room is in the extension above the garage. This part of the extension was going to be done after we finished the main larger extension. As the brick layer was here anyway we decided to do it and said we would do the internals much later down the line.

So how come this is the first room to be hard walled and plastered? It looks like this will be the first room finished. Strange how things always end up going in a different direction to originally planned. I am now on a mission to get the room finished by my son’s birthday which is 2nd July.

Have you ever smelt hard wall, oh my good it is absolutely disgusting my house smells like rotten eggs, I have been assured it will die down in a few days!