Cherry Oak Manor

Welcome to my blog – Sharing my journey of making our house into our dream home.



All set up

Gym has been painted and everything is back in the room. Now to find some time to actually use it!

I don’t think this room will ever look pretty and I would really love to have some wooden flooring but it will do for now, maybe at a later date we will pop some new flooring down.


Plastering complete 19th Nov 2018

The plasterers have done their thing and the walls are silky smooth. It’s amazing how much a room is transformed when it is plastered, all those different parts of a room finally become one.

Rip out complete 18th Nov 2018

Today I have been busy removing the last of the dreaded woodchip from the walls. Who invented woodchip? Actually i am going to google it and find out! It really is one of the worst inventions ever. If anyone knows of an easy way to remove it i would love to know.

The plasterers are due in tomorrow which i am so pleased about and i cant wait to get the room finished.

Rip out Begins March 2018

We had someone in today to knock through from the gym to what is currently the garage and will become our home office. Yet again more dust! I just keep reminding myself its one more dusty job out of the way.

Room Change Oct 2017

We are finally able to move into the new living room so it’s been all change this weekend with moving things around.

This room has now become the temporary gym, when I say temporary what I actually mean its: It is the Gym room and it will house the equipment for now but is way down the list for renovation.

Temporary Living Room March 2016

Hubby has been busy making the best of the living room so we have a room that is a little more pleasing on the eye until the extension has been built.

He clad the wall with some MDF and buried the TV cabling behind it. We then painted it black and added some colour changing LED lights along the top.

He made an MDF cabinet to house the media equipment, this was then sprayed at work with some left over paint. The work top was finished off with some left over laminate.
I have to say despite the woodchip walls and ceilings the room actually looks quite nice.


Moving in day Feb 2016

The first job is to remove the fire place and those very old wall lights.

Hubby will be building a temporary media unit and covering the wall with MDF panels to enable him to fix his incredibly heavy tv to the wall. The plaster work behind is in really bad condition.

The walls are very damp, not sure if its needs repointing or whether it is just where the house has been left empty with no heating on.