Cherry Oak Manor

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Sons Bathroom


Functional but not finished

Today our son’s bath, basin and toilet were plumbed in. The bath and toilet are from our old bathroom which we installed as a temporary suite when we moved in.

We were not planning to do his bathroom yet so tiling is not top of the priority list. It is functional so that is all he needs for now. Hopefully we will have the room finished in early 2019




Removal of walls

We are planning to install a bathroom for our son and as he would rather have his own gaming / living room next to his bedroom, we decided the next closest area was where our airing cupboard, storage cupboard and toilet are. By removing the walls we can create a room just big enough for a bath, toilet and basin.

Now the plumber has installed our new bigger tank and boiler in its new airing cupboard, we have been able to remove the old one and knock down the walls.

I’m quite surprised how big the space actually is. We have had to pinch a bit of landing space to square the room off, but it’s left us with an acceptable size landing.