Cherry Oak Manor

Welcome to my blog – Sharing my journey of making our house into our dream home.

Entrance Hall


Adding accessories has to be one of my favourite parts. I think they really make a house a home. For the hallway I had considered having a gallery wall of photos but my husband hates them. As there is quite a large wall area we definitely needed something to break up the walls.

I chose some mirrored wall art which is quote modern. Mirrors are great for making spaces look bigger so we have always had mirrors for this reason. On this occasion it is purely for decoration.

I love flowers so I decided to have some vases and flowers. My husband doesn’t like the tall vase as he says it reminds him of a church or funeral directors (I suppose they are a bit like that, but I like them)

I added a bench for us to sit on whilst putting on our shoes as when the new carpet was installed we became a shoes off at the door household.

My husband made a radiator cover which I think ties in the white and oak really well.


We have had the tiles for quite some time as we fell in love with them when we saw them in a retail area. They are Gulfstone Essel beige quartz tiles and have the most amazing sparkle that really catches your eye.

Hubby laid the tiles himself and I have to say he has done an amazing job. Cutting them was a fun job as they are so thick. The curved ones to go around the bottom step he was not able to do so he made a cardboard template and took them to a stone fabricators to get them cut.

We have the same tiles in the kitchen.


We decided to have wall paper in the hall, we didn’t want anything dark as we wanted to keep the space light. I chose cream coloured wall paper with a very subtle sparkle.
With the double height entrance hall it was a 2 man job to hang or should I say 1 man 1 woman job.

We set up a piece of MDF board on our bed to use a pasting table. I was in charge of pasting hubby was in charge or measuring and cutting (I am useless with scissors, I can’t cut a straight line)

Hubby stood on the scaffold tower worked out the sizes and cut them to size on the top of the tower. I Then lent over the balcony to get the wall paper, took it into the bedroom and pasted it.

I then had to pass the paper back to him over the balcony. While he started to hang the paper at the top I would I run downstairs and climb to the first level of the scaffold grab the paper as it came down the wall.

We had this perfected by the end. Although there are a couple of small strips that are still not done.

The rest of the hall has been painted white.

Hall Light

I had my heart set on a light that I had seen at an exhibition, the only issue was it costs £2000.

I waited a while as we just couldn’t justify / afford to buy it at the time. So I left a standard pendant light up with a view to buying my dream light at a later date when money allowed.

Months later I decided I would forgo the light and find something that looked ok and was cheaper.

Being an Amazon Prime fan I searched for a light that had a large drop. The one i chose was a bargain at only £99. aI didn’t have very high expectations for it to look any good.

When it arrived it came in a million pieces (ok an exaggeration but it was hundreds) every gem, crystal and wire needed assembling before my husband could install it.
I sat for hours putting it all together, carefully bagging each assembled part together and popping it back in a little plastic bag to ensure they didn’t tangle together.

My husband erected the scaffold tower the following day and we set to work “trying” to work out how it all goes together. The instructions were pretty useless and it was like something out of the Krypton Factor.

Now I have a thing about tangled wires and cables, I’m not sure why but they irritate the hell out of me. I carefully opened the little individual bags to lay them out and work out which wire was which, and yep you have guessed it each wire had tangled up!!

This is honestly the only time I can think of during our renovation that hubby and I both lost patience and tempers were getting a little heated. In total it took nearly 5 hours for me to untangle wires and for him to work out which bit went were, all whilst he was stood on a wobbling scaffold tower

Looking back now we can laugh and its one of those topic of conversations when people say how great the light looks. I honestly love the light and I am pleased I opted for this one and not the £2000 one. I receive lots of messages from people asking where the light is from, I do tell them but I also warn them about the time it takes to install it.

Extension new entrance

Taking the doorway out and opening up the existing house and extension was a big day, it meant it all became one house and no longer a house and extension.

Once the door was removed it really did open the space up and I could see just how much bigger the hall really is now.


Entrance Hall

When the extension was designed the door way was to be knocked out and a new entrance would be created. This means we have a much larger hall way.

As you can see from the photo we have a lovely glass front door lol.

Most of the building work took place just outside the front door so for a while we had to use the kitchen door to enter and leave the house.


Loving the stair lights

10 out of 10 to the husband for the stair light idea. He had a post made up with a hole in it and then adding some Perspex to the top.

Inside the hole he fitted a standard LED spotlight. It looks so effective and is so functional. Let’s out just enough light to safely walk up and down the stairs and landing at night.



We decided to have some temporary carpet fitted. Yes I know it’s probably false economy but we wanted to make it look acceptable until the extension works were finished and we have it all done properly.


First Job

One week after moving in we started work on the staircase. The bottom steps were removed and we had 2 semi circle oak ones made and installed.

We took off the panels and I ordered some new spindles and rails from an online store, it is surprising how many you actually need. They are a really nice shape and solid oak.

We ripped up the carpet and fortunately there was nothing wrong with the stairs so we did not need to replace those.

My husband debated what to do with the newel posts and decided as there was nothing structurally wrong with them that we could clad them and a new top.

He also came up the idea of having lighting in them. I wasn’t quite sure how this would look but went along with his idea.


First Impressions

One of the things that drew us to the house when we first viewed it was the hall way. Yes the walls were covered in damp and mould and the carpet was a gorgeous patterned terracotta that probably cost a lot of money “in its day” but it was large bright and airy and we could really visualise how it would look when renovated.

The upstairs landing was the same, all of the rooms came off the landing and were well spaced out. I have previously only had small hallways in my homes. The banisters were covered up and painted and the newel posts I can only describe as looking like those bowling balls.