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Method Cleaner


Tru Wash Glass Cleaner

I was contacted by Tru wash to see if I would test and review their glass & shiny stuff cleaner. I had seen quite a few people on Instagram reviewing it and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

It is so hard when social media influencers promote things as we never know what to believe. I like to provide an honest review and will never recommend something I am not willing to continue using or buy myself. So below is my honest review of Tru Wash.


What is Tru Wash?

This is the information taken from the Tru Wash website:

"One bottle of the amazing, chemical free cleaning water taking Instagram by storm.

We affectionately refer to TruWash as ‘Hungry Water’. Why? Well, we’ve removed all the minerals by carefully passing it through 5 separate, stringent filters. The result is that the water then acts like a ‘dust magnet’ in its attempt to replace everything we removed.

It’s clever and simple at the same time, but most importantly, it’s free from all nasties and safe to use everywhere in the home.

Use it on anything shiny - windows, mirrors, granite, composite worktops, eyeglasses, stainless steel, car windscreens, shower doors, phone screens - even Tvs."


First Use

I was sent one 750ml of Tru Wash and 2 of their glass polishing cloths. The first thing I tested it on was my mirrored furniture. I sprayed it on and wiped quite a lot without realising that actually all you need to do is spray on and gently wipe off. I am not joking when I say the smears literally start vanishing in front of your eyes. It really is that simple to use and I was amazed how my mirrored furniture came up clean, sparkling and smear free.




I then went on to test it on my wall mirrors. . I had learnt from my previous use that I only need a small spray of the cleaner and a gentle wipe.

I was really pleased how it didn’t leave run marks. The mirrors came up as good as the furniture.


Window Cleaning

I have not cleaned all of my windows yet, but I did test Tru Wash on my kitchen door glass. As we are a renovation home, we did have some silicone and paint on them which tru wash did not remove (it isn’t designed for deep cleaning of course so that’s fair enough) it did however clean the normal day to day dirt off and left them smear free.



I use the cleaner daily on my spectacles, this is my favourite use for the cleaner. It is like someone has removed the haze when I clean them. Even my husband and son pester to use it for theirs.