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Lighting Ideas


Lighting Choices

I love using lighting in my rooms to create an ambience. When we were in the planning process of our build and renovation we spent a bit of time thinking about what type or light and mood we wanted to create in each room.



Having plans is important so you can ensure your electrician runs the cables prior to all the finishing work being done to your ceilings and walls.

It is also important to think about what you will be doing in each of your rooms, for example if it is a room you work in quite a bit for example your kitchen, or your dressing table for applying makeup you will need more light for the darker evenings and mornings.
We have made some good and some bad choices with ours and what has worked for us may not necessarily be right for your lifestyle and home. After all we are all different.

Lights look so different when they are switched on and off. So ask yourself what is the most important factor for you. Is it style, function or both?


Living Room

We decided long before we moved in that we wanted a cosier dark atmosphere in our living room. We mainly use it for watching TV and relaxing of an evening. I chose a couple of floor lamps to pop in the corner of the room, which is the corner I sit in. The lamps I purchased from Next, they give off a subtle warm glow which also reflects patterns on to the wall.

When added a lighting trough through the centre of the room, where the living and dining room meet. Through the trough we added warm white LED strip lighting. The LED is not switched on that often, it is mainly used if we need to do any work in the room.



Dining Room

We wanted a little more light in this room as we would be eating dinner (although I’m not sure looking at the meals I cook is the best idea lol) We will also be working at the table until the home office is done.

We chose 3 pendant lights for above the table, these were gifted to me by Value Lights.
We wanted something to break up the walls and to add some subtle light so we added two wall lights. These lights add a reflective pattern to the sides. When they are switched off they do not look the prettiest but they really do come into their own when they are on.

A new addition to the dining room is our table lamps, these I purchased initially for our bedroom from Wayfair. I was so busy looking for something I liked visually that I didn’t check the measurements so they were too big! (Note to myself check sizes before ordering) As I was boxing them up to send back I had a brain wave, I wonder how they will look on my dining room sideboard?

I love them! So they have stayed. So this lighting is more about the visual look of the room rather than the functionality of the light itself.



As previously mentioned I feel having good lighting in the kitchen is important. Let’s think health and safety. Imagine having poor lighting while using a sharp knife or carrying boiling saucepans.

In our previous home my husband ran halo LED lighting, it worked perfectly so that is what we chose to have again. He made and MDF trough which was fitted above the wall units. It was painted white and the white LED lights were stuck inside.

You can position the LED strips within the trough so they splay across more of less of the ceiling. We also added some LED strip underneath the wall units at the utility end of the kitchen.


Hall Ways

I always fid hallways a tricky one, as there is not as much furniture to take your eye away from the open space, I feel the lights need to be atheistically pleasing even when they are off, as well as giving enough light at night.

Having the double height ceiling in our entrance hall I wanted a statement piece. It not only had to look good it also need to project enough light when we came home on a dark evening. I had my eye on an expensive one click here to read the story behind why I didn’t buy that one. I ended up buying this chandelier style one from Amazon. I am really impressed, it not only looks amazing it lets off a lot of light.

When my husband was doing the new staircase he decided as a feature he wanted to install some spot lights into the newel posts. Click here to read more about this. Initially this was designed to be a visual wow factor rather than as lighting, but the lighting works so well. It is just enough light to light upstairs and downstairs at night.

When it came to the main lighting on the landing and in the hall, I really fancied a smaller version of our chandelier however as hubby is 6ft 6 this was not an option. I found some lovely lights from Next. They create quite a bit of light and I think they look stylish.



We had mixed views when it came to the ensuite, I love an evening bath and wanted some subtle light, just enough to relax and see what I am doing rather than lighting the whole room. My husband on the other hand wanted some bright light for when he shaves.

We opted to do both, we installed 2 recess / niches to the bath side of the room. We installed a spot light to the top of each one. We then added some green glass splash backs. The lights were a white LED (if you are doing this please ensure they are safe for use in a bath / shower room) these create a lovely ambience when I am bathing.

We installed a main LED strip light which we only switch on when hubby is shaving (or when I am taking photos as it is quote a dark room)

In the walk in shower we added a ceiling spot light and another niche with the same green splashback.


Master Bedroom

This is the main failure in our planning! We decided we did not need any main lighting in this room. Our reasons were because all we would be doing is sleeping in the room. We have the walk in wardrobe where we will be getting dressed etc.

We planned to install LED strip lights underneath our bed, the electrician ran the cables from the bedroom light switch and also to the headboard. This meant we only needed to connect up the lighting.

Months later when we finally came to connect them up, the electrician could not remember how he has wired them up so now the bed lights run from the plus socket next to the bed. I purchased a couple of bedside lamps so it was easier to turn on.

Of course none of this is ideal as I now have to use the light on my phone in the dark to see where I am going to get to the bed to switch the lights on! We really do need to rectify this “at some point”


Guest bedrooms

The guest bedrooms we have gone of the standard bedroom set up a nice looking and bright celling light with a couple of bedside lamps. This means any guests we have can have the brighter ceiling light on if needed or the bedside lamps for reading.


Walk in wardrobe

This was potentially another mistake on the light planning! When designing the room we planned for LED strip lights in the cabinets, these are amazing as they just light up the inside of the wardrobes. I have plugged the LED transformer into a Hive socket which I have connected up to my Alexa. If I have hands full of clean washing this is fantastic as I just ask her to switch the wardrobe lights on.

I wanted a statement light for above the island unit so chose this one which is available to by on Amazon.

Now this all looked fantastic and I was really pleased until I was getting ready to go out one night (I do not go out very often) Trying to apply makeup was so difficult as the lighting was just not bright enough. Cue the can you buy me an illuminated Hollywood mirror for my birthday conversation.

Hollywood mirror in place and the lighting in this room is now perfect.