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Bissell Crosswave Product Review.


Absolutely love it!!

I have been a lover of other well-known vacuum brands for many years so was a little dubious about getting a Bissell cleaner. Wow what can I say I love it!!   I chose a Bissell Crosswave as it is a multi-surface cleaner and I have lots of ceramic floors as well as carpets and rugs.

What I love the most about the cleaner is it is so easy to use and an absolute time saver. No more sweeping or struggling to pick everything up in a dust pan and brush (who else finds using a dust pan and brush ALWAYS leave some bits on the floor?) plus no more mopping.

I hate using a mop and bucket, it doesn’t matter which type I get I always end up smearing dirty water on the floors.

I stumbled across Instagram and started to share my home renovation photos, mainly for me to look back at in years to come so I could see what we have achieved. Little did I know when I started my account that there was a “Home Community” I have made so many “insta friends” they have kept me sane throughout the harder times of living on a building site. 


Easy to set up!

The Bissell Crosswave is so easy to set up. Simply add the water and cleaning solutions, pop the water compartment back into the cleaner with one simply click. Plug it in and off you go.

It comes with 2 fill lines enabling you to do a small or larger surface area clean.

The cleaner comes with 2 different settings, choose from hard floors or rugs and carpets.

It vacuums cleans and dries at the same time. Leaving the floors immaculate.

Its brush roller and the multi surface cleaner that comes with it really do leave your floors thoroughly cleaned. Click here to visit the Bissell UK website.


Cleans so well

Having a long haired cat who loves to roll around in mud, a messy husband and teenage son means my floors nead cleaning most days.

I work full time and let’s face it who wants to come home every day and spend hours cleaning, I certainly do not!

After use the dirty water compartment is so easy to empty, a quick swish with water and it’s ready to be used next time.


Great Job Bissell

Bissell have really thought about everything, the roller heads are so easily cleaned. Simply fill the cleaning tray with clean water.

Put the Crosswave on the tray. Press the hard floor button and recline the cleaner slightly so it picks up all the water. Hey presto a clean brush roller in less than 20 seconds.

This product was sent to me for review. The above is my honest opinion. All Links and prices were correct at the time of posting. Click here to visit the Bissell UK website.