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Beautiful Gifts and Things Product Review.


Delivery time!!

I love online shopping!

Everytime I see Lisa from Beautiful Gifts & Things post a new photo on her Instagram account it makes me want to shop, so today I placed an online order. My mum had been eyeing up my tea cup as she swears by china cups, so I treated her to the Miss Darcy butterfly mug in powder blue which has gold spots like my cup and saucer, and I also treated myself to the pink one. They are really good quality and being china my tea stays warmer for longer.

I was also worried about Gordon feeling lonely while I was at work, so I ordered him a girlfriend, she is shorter than Gordon, has green wellies and her name is Wendy.My husband is worried I may end up with a family of DCUK ducks soon, so I have promised no more ducks. The problem is there are so many DCUK ducks that need rehoming so could you give a duck a forever home?

Ordering online was easy, the website is categorised so I could quickly find what I was looking for. Checkout was simple and the delivery arrived in no time at all.

Click here to shop online today at Beautiful Gifts and Things


Shruti Candle

I love lemon fragrances..

Also included in my second brand rep box was a beautifully boxed lemon and verbena Shruti candle. Everyone who knows me or follows me on Instagram knows how much I love lemon fragrances.

The classy glass jar is frosted white and comes with a silver lid, the box is white with silver writing and edging. It really does look classy and is an ideal gift. It looks so expensive and similar style candles sell for more than double the cost of this one.

The candle is highly fragranced and even without burning it my room smells lemony. I will definitely be buying more of these, when this one has finished.


Gorgeous Tea Cup

Ooh i do feel posh!

My second brand rep box has arrived and this time I have been sent this beautiful Miss Golightly butterfly teacup and saucer. I am going to feel very posh drinking my tea from this elegant set.

They come in a pretty pink round box which makes them an ideal gift. The saucer is white with gold dots and edging with a gorgeous gold butterfly in the centre. The cup also has the same design.


Meet Gordon

I am really getting attached to Gordon..

So everyone here is Gordon my duck, I didn’t realise straight away that they come with little name tags and he was already named Gordon. I’m already getting attached to him and have decided to give him his own highlight in my Instagram stories so my followers can see what he has been getting up to. (I never in a million years thought I would get attached to a wooden duck)

The DCUK ducks are available with wellies and hats or dressed as characters such as teachers, soldiers, police, nurses and guards.


Brand Rep Box

DCUK - Gordon the duck..

Today I received my first brand rep box from Lisa at Beautiful Gifts and Things. I was so excited to see what she had sent me. She sells so many different items so I really did not know what she is sending.

OMG she has sent me one of her DUCKS! I love seeing her duck posts on Instagram they all have such individual characters. Now where will I put the duck? How will I be able to photograph him and show him off in my home? I will have to give this some thought, it is a really cute duck and to think someone has hand carved it, such talented craftsmen. I just adore its little welly boots. She has also sent me these pretty tulips, they are going to look great in my home.

The DCUK ducks are available with wellies and hats or dressed as characters such as teachers, soldiers, police, nurses and guards.


Beautiful Gifts & Things

Brand Rep

Today it was announced on Instagram that I have been chosen as a brand rep for Beautiful gifts and things.  The lovely Lisa who runs the business has handpicked everything that she sells so she knows everything she sends out to her customers will be top quality products from brands she loves. I always like and comment on the items she posts on her Instagram page as she sells some gorgeous items.

She sells an array of homewares including DCUK, Bombay Duck and Shruti. I am so excited to see what Lisa has chosen to send me in my first brand rep gift box. Thank you for choosing me. Click here to visit the beautiful gifts and things website.