Cherry Oak Manor

Welcome to my blog – Sharing my journey of making our house into our dream home.

Questions & Answers


I often receive messages through email, Instagram direct messaging and stories. Below are some of my most recent and regularly asked questions.


What’s the one thing you really dislike cleaning?

It has to be the oven, I always cook late at night and in a rush so I am not the best at cleaning my oven when I have finished cooking, I usually give it a good clean every 2-3 months. I use Oven Pride complete oven cleaner and it is fantastic. You pop the shelves and some of the solution into the bag provided, pop some of the solution inside the over. I leave it overnight and It comes up lovely the next day.


When are you hoping to have all your renovation works complete?

Before we moved home we agreed we would not rush and would take 2 years to do the works. We are now past the 2 year mark and still have lots left to do. Due to work commitments and money I am hoping we can complete the works within another year.


What made you buy a house to renovate rather than say a new build?

My husband is very business driven and there is no possible way he would want to buy a turnkey property. We have only ever looked for renovation properties so we can put our own stamp on it and increase the value at the same time. We would never have been able to afford the house we have now if we had bought one fully renovated.


What’s your biggest achievement?

I have a few achievements in my life that I am most proud of:

MY CHILDHOOD YEARS; I was ranked in the UK top 5 for baton twirling. My child and teenage years were spent training and competing.

MY FAMILY: I became a mum just before my 17th birthday, despite everyone’s opinions at the time about me having a son at a young age. I am still with my husband 29 years on, I have built and run my own businesses and have 2 sons who I am very proud of.


What gives you your inspiration in your home?

Inspiration comes from many places, our own ideas, online especially Instagram, I love seeing peoples real home photos. My husband has worked in the bespoke furniture industry since he left school. He has manufactured and installed high end furniture in many high class homes across London.


When you have finished your renovation will you buy another house and do it again or stay where you are?

I am hoping we will stay in this home for at least 5 years, however I’m not so sure my husband will agree with me. I do enjoy seeing the transformation but I need some time to enjoy what we have done. Time will tell I suppose as who knows what is around the corner.


What made you decide to become and brand rep & Influencer?

As a business owner I know how important it is to build brand awareness. I enjoy photographing items in my home and this is a great way to support other small businesses and the home community on Instagram.


Would you do the renovation all over again?

Yes I think I would but do not tell my husband. I would like to finish this house first then enjoy living in a dust free, building material and tool free home for a few years first.


How do you juggle everything?

Sometimes I ask myself the same question! Luckily my children are grown up and only one lives at home. He just needs waking up in the mornings and feeding in the evenings. 
I work full time and my husband can sometimes work 7 days a week so the renovation works get fitted in on his occasional days off (hence why work isn’t finished) I have a cleaner once a week to do a proper clean so I just have to do daily bits and shopping is done at the weekends.