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Linky's Glitter Product Review.


Wax Melts

18th July 2018: Hubba Bubba

Tonight I have been burning the bubblegum pure soy wax melt with glitter. They come in cute little pots. I did find it a bit difficult to get it out of the pot. I used a knife to cut it in half. I must remember to ask Leah the best way to do this and I will update when I have.

You may be wondering what bubblegum smell likes. Well it reminded me of a hubba bubba bubble gum that I used to have as a child. The amazing smell you were hit with when you opened the wrapper. It was a really lovely scent again it was strong but not over powering.

I also purchased a new burner over the weekend. I am very impatient and want to try all of the melts out. By having additional burners it means I can use a different fragrance each day and mix it up a bit. The wax melts seem to last 3 to 4 burns and I leave my burner running until the tea light blows out.

I already have some favorite fragrances so I have placed an order for some more, plus will be trying some new scents out. I will update you...

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Wax Melts

1st July 2018 - Cherry Prosecco..

We held a BBQ yesterday for my sons 18th birthday. The house this morning seems to be a mix of stale booze and teenage body odour. First job is to open some doors and windows and pop my wax melts on. I decied to try the cherry prosecco, I wasnt really sure how it would smell.

The cherry prosecco is a layered soy wax brittle, they come in different shapes and sizes and you only need a small piece as they are highly fragranced. This makes them great value for money. As you can tell from the picture they have different coloured layers, I am assuming each layer is infused with a different scent and that is what makes them so fragrant.

I really do love the smell of the cherry prosecco and have ordered lots more so i dont run out. The fragrance was ideal for ridding the house of the bbq aftermath and seemed to wake me up after my late night.

The wax brittles come in different fragrances and Leah seems to update and add new ones regulalry. At the time of writing this blog she offered Cherry Prosecco, Relaxing Zen, Galaxy, & Sweet Shop

Wax Melts

27th June 2018: Sherbert Lemon

I was invited by Leah at Linky's glitter to be an Instagram brand rep. Before Instagram I had never heard of wax melts, strange I know but I honestly didn’t know what they were. I had tried a mixture of wax melts from large retailers and found I loved fruity fragrances. My first brand rep box of goodies arrived and before I even opened the box the smell was incredible. It felt like Christmas when I opened up the box. My office at work smelt amazing all day and I couldn’t wait to get home and try one.

The first one I opened was the Sherbet Lemon which was a cute lemon coloured soy wax heart with a little added glitter. I wasn’t really sure how many wax melts I needed to use so I just popped one in to see how it smelt. Within 1 minute of melting the sherbet lemon melt my lounge and dining room where filled with a pleasant lemon fragrance. The scent was strong but not over powering.

Wax Melts

1st June 2018: Brand Rep

Today it was announced on Instagram that I had been chosen as brand rep for Linky’s Glitter. I am so excited as this is my first time as a rep. I love wax melts so I am so happy.

For those of you who are new to the brand rep concept here is how most of them work on Instagram.

The business usually put up a post asking for potential brand reps to apply. You then apply by sharing their post to your feed and telling them why you would make a good rep.

The business chooses people they feel will share the best photos and will give them honest reviews.

Most businesses will send you some free items to photograph in your home and to review. If you are happy with their product and want to recommend them, they will provide you with a discount code to share with friends, family and your Instagram followers.