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Dust, Dust and a bit more dust!


Living in a Renovation home

If you have never renovated a home before you will have never experienced the DUST! A regular question I am asked is how have I coped living in a renovation home?
My answer is actually coped quite surprisingly well. In fact much better than I ever thought I would.

So here are some of my top tips that kept me sane.





If you are planning to live in your home while the renovation works are taking place, the first thing you need to do is prepare yourself mentally. What lies ahead can be somewhat chaotic and often stressful at times. So here goes…


Dust Dust & a bit more dust!

Let’s talk dust! Do not expect to have a clean and tidy room, even if you are not working in a room the dust you are creating gets EVERYWHERE!

Most of the work we do when renovating, whether it is knocking down walls, preparing wood work or plastering it WILL create dust and my god can dust travel.

I remember one day when a small door way was knocked through. The guy who was doing the work was so good. He put up plastic sheets and dust sheets across all doorways downstairs to stop the dust from traveling. It did cut the dust down a bit, but it did somehow still escape. Maybe through the joists and floorboards I am not to sure? But there was even a light dusting on my bedding.

My Top tips

Cover all door ways with polythene and dust sheets.

Tape up the joints in your cupboard doors.

If you have carpet down invest in some carpet protection roll. It is clear with a sticky back and looks like a giant roll of thick cling film. It sticks right up to the skirting boards.

I also laid down some old curtains and duvet covers (pretty much anything I have laying around that I didn’t need) I kept these down in the hall way. This meant any mud and sand the builders were treading in was easy to get rid of. I would simply shake them off outside each day.



No i am not crazy please trust me on this one.

Sweeping up dust just throws it all into the air. Ideally vacuum it up with a suitable vacuum. My advice is to buy one specifically for the job.  DO NOT keep your decent expensive vacuum anywhere in view of our workers. I went through 2 expensive well-known brand vacuums before I realised this.

In the end I went out a purchased what I call my "dust buster" it is an Ozito wet and dry that I picked up from home base for about £40. It has been amazing at tackling the building mess.


If you have dusty surfaces then use a damp cloth.

For thick dust I would vacuum the worst off first.

I made the mistake of using a dustpan and brush to remove the worst and just like the sweeping it just through it all up in the air.


More Hints and Tips coming soon