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Flash Speed Mop


Flash Speed Mop

Flash Speed Mop

I was sent the new Flash Speedmop for review and LOVE IT!

Here is what Flash Says about the Speedmop

“Dirty floors? Stand up to daily dirt with Flash Speedmop
Say goodbye to stains and hand scrubbing by instead sweeping through life’s little messes with the new Flash Speedmop. Its nifty design with Speedmop Wet Cloths not only works hard to clean your floor, but also makes life easier by removing stains in a Flash.

The dirt-fighting wet cloths and scrubbing strip on the mop work hard to remove tough, stuck-on grime, so you don’t have to.”


My Review

To be honest having quartz tiles in my hall and kitchen I wasn’t sure if these would be up to the job. We have workmen round all the time plus a cat who loves to roll around in the dirt.

If you watch the video below you will see that I was pleasantly surprised how well the Speedmop cleans.

The mop comes in a few parts which are easy to assemble. It comes with a starter pack of cloths but you can buy nice boxes of them ongoing.

The cloths are really wet which is a good thing as it means you can clean a larger surface area with just one cloth. The cloths are also recyclable through Terracycle.

Being a lover of citrus scents, the lemon fragrance is a big hit with me.

I use my mop regularly for a quick freshen up or to remove daily grime I find it so much quicker than getting a mop and bucket out.