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Welcome to my blog – Sharing my journey of making our house into our dream home.

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Hi I’m Karen a 40 something mum of 2 grown up boys and wife to Mark. We live in a Kent seaside town where I grew up. We moved into our home in February 2016 and have slowly been extending and renovating ever since. As a professional couple we have to fit in the renovation works around business.

My husband has always worked in the furniture manufacturing industry and is a very skilled at his job. He has a good eye for finer details and has worked alongside many award winning architects and designers. Providing fitted furniture for high end clients and stores.

I have my own ideas on how I would like to fit out the home, I come up with the ideas and he then reins me in with the practicality of the designs. Between us we work well to create our ideal home.

I stumbled across Instagram and started to share my home renovation photos, mainly for me to look back at in years to come so I could see what we have achieved. Little did I know when I started my account that there was a “Home Community” I have made so many “insta friends” they have kept me sane throughout the harder times of living on a building site. 

I was so surprised to see how many people were liking and commenting on my posts. I now have people messaging me and asking me for advice so I thought why not write a blog…..